Ripetitore a segnale a parete e AP w / WPS


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Estendi facilmente l'intervallo del router wireless con questo ripetitore senza fili wireless a parete con un pulsante tocco WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).
Intended for large indoor areas, this Wireless Signal Repeater helps extend the wireless range of your network and eliminate dead spots. It's great for offering full wireless connectivity in large areas like airports, universities, restaurants, hotels, airports, convention centers, etc, as all you need is one wireless router and a few of these convenient devices. Installation is extremely easy too; The wall powered plug means once you set it up and get it running, you'll never need to worry about it again.

Questo ripetitore di segnale wireless a parete funge anche da punto di accesso che aggiunge semplicemente la connettività wireless a qualsiasi rete cablata esistente. Basta collegare il dispositivo a un router cablato già esistente tramite il cavo Ethernet incluso e potrai iniziare a condividere la connettività di rete wireless con il tuo cellulare, tablet, fotocamera IP, computer portatile e altri dispositivi.

Inoltre, con la configurazione Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), sarai facilita l'uso di un pulsante che spinge i vantaggi come la configurazione automatica del nome di rete (SSID) e della chiave di protezione WPA per il router o l'accesso punto, che non necessita di conoscere il nome di una rete e le chiavi di sicurezza o le passphrase per utilizzare WPS quando si unisce a una rete wireless, ha aggiunto la protezione in quanto nessuno può indovinare le chiavi di sicurezza o la passphrase perché sono generati in modo casuale e altro ancora!

Questo ripetitore di segnale wireless a parete e WiFi Access Point è disponibile in stock ora. Ordine oggi e lo spediteremo domani. Portato a voi dal leader nella elettronica all'ingrosso della Cina - Chinavasion.

A prima vista...

  • Standard WiFi: IEEE 802.11 b /g /n
  • Modo ripetitore wireless
  • Modalità punto di accesso
  • WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
  • WEP /WPA Security Encryption
  • Wall Powered

Specifiche del produttore

    • WiFi: 802.11 b /g /n
    • Modalità di lavoro: ripetitore, modalità AP
    • WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
    • Selezione auto-canale senza fili
    • Antenna: chip di ceramica 2dBi
    • Porte: RJ45
    • Pulsanti: Reset, WPS
    • Cifratura di sicurezza: WEP 64/128/152-bit, compatibile con 128 bit WPA (TKIP /AES), Supporto MIC, Espansione IV, Autenticazione chiave condivisa, IEEE 802.1X
    • Potenza: uscita muro

    • Dimensioni principali del prodotto: 110x60x35mm (L x P x A)
    • Peso /dimensione è per l'articolo principale di questo prodotto in scatola, per aiutarti a confrontare i formati di prodotto prima di acquistare: non basare i calcoli di spedizione su questo prezzo - i prezzi di spedizione dipendono dal contenuto del carrello, dalla destinazione di spedizione e dal metodo di spedizione: utilizzare la casella per selezionare le opzioni e visualizzare l'anteprima del prezzo di spedizione per il tuo ordine totale.

    Contenuto del pacco
    • Ripetitore senza fili con segnale wireless a parete e punto di accesso WiFi
    • Cavo Ethernet
    • Manuale utente

    L'ordinazione su IMOL ti offre i seguenti vantaggi:
    • Ordini elaborati e spediti entro 24 ore
    • Garanzia di 12 mesi
    • In-house QC
    • Sconti dei membri
    • Assistenza clienti premiati
    • Sconti degli ordini di quantità
    • Spedizione in tutto il mondo
    • Certificazione: CE, FCC, RoHS

    Parole chiave Lingua Straniera

    Arabic - الجدار مكرر إشارة لاسلكية تعمل بالطاقة ونقطة وصول وأي فأي; Chinese Simplified - 墙体动力的无线信号中继器和 WiFi 接入点; Czech - Nástěnné výkonný bezdrátový opakovač signálu a WiFi přístupový bod; Danish - Væg Powered Wireless Signal Repeater og WiFi adgangspunktet; Dutch - Muur aangedreven draadloze signaal Repeater en WiFi-toegangspunt; French - Mural motorisé répéteur de Signal sans fil et Point d'accès WiFi; German - Wand-angetriebene Wireless Signal Repeater und WLAN Access Point; Greek - Τοίχου Powered ασύρματου σήματος επαναλήπτη και WiFi σημείο πρόσβασης; Hindi - संचालित वायरलेस सिग्नल पुनरावर्तक और वाईफ़ाई एक्सेस प्वाइंट दीवार; Indonesian - Dinding Powered Wireless sinyal Repeater dan titik akses WiFi; Italian - Parete alimentato ripetitore di segnale Wireless e Access Point WiFi; Japanese - 壁電源のワイヤレス信号リピータと無線 Lan アクセス ポイント; Korean - 벽 파워가 공급 된 무선 신호 중계기 및 WiFi 액세스 포인트; Norwegian - Vegg drevet trådløs Signal Repeater og WiFi Access Point; Polish - Ściana zasilany bez drutu Donosiciel sygnału i WiFi dostęp punkt; Portuguese - Parede com repetidor de sinal Wireless e ponto de acesso WiFi; Russian - Настенные работает репитер сигнала беспроводной связи и точки доступа WiFi; Spanish - Pared con repetidor de señal inalámbrica y punto de acceso WiFi; Thai - แขวนผนังรับพลังงานไร้สายสัญญาณ Repeater และจุดเข้าใช้งาน WiFi

    12 Month Warranty On All Chinavasion Products

    "Do you have a guarantee or warranty?"

    Yes - Chinavasion only chooses to stock the very best quality products from professional China manufacturers. The quality is guaranteed.

    All products that arrive in the Chinavasion warehouse are checked for perfect appearance and correct functionality by our QC engineers.

    Our packing team checks again to make sure that the right accessories are included and that the electrical / socket adapters are correct for your country.

    (Please note in the case of region-specific items such as PAL / NTSC TV/Video Color Regions, digital TV, GSM mobile phones etc you are responsible for ordering the correct units and we will send you exactly what you order.)

    Your orders are also guaranteed for successful delivery.

    "How Does Chinavasion’s Warranty Compare To Other China Online Sellers?”

    Here is a quick comparison that shows how Chinavasion does its best to provide a safe and fair B2B set of conditions to you:

    (real stock and warehouse, 
    experienced and professional systems) Other China-based sellers
     (inexperienced / unprofessional )
    • Products are sourced based on quality as the key factor, and we strictly reject many China-made products which are not up to standard for supplying to our customers.
    • Chinavasion has an in-house full time Quality Control Team who are trained in strict testing policies. Most batches of electronic products coming into our warehouse are tested one by one for function and appearance.
    • Returns under warranty are exceptional. We have very low complaint/return rates.
    • In any rare cases our QC did not discover a problem, we solve RMA cases rapidly and immediately stop selling any unreliable item.
    • Other online electronics websites won't check the product before sending it to you since they don't have any Quality Control.
    • Other China sellers don't hold stock and they list thousands of random products online. They have little or no serious attempt to guarantee the basic quality of the products they advertise for sale, because they are not physically handling them and not committing to warehouse stock as Chinavasion does.
    • With less professional or private sellers from China, they won't have any serious guarantee and won't commit to help you if there is a problem.
    Warranty duration:
    Chinavasion offers 12 Month warranty on products Other sellers:
    1 month warranty or no warranty at allCustomer support:
    Chinavasion has a professional English Speaking support team including 24/7 live chat. We will solve any product problem in a fast, professional, and friendly way. Other sellers:
    - Get ready for an nonexistent or poor quality email answering service.
    - Your complaints are likely to be ignored by dubious sellers who don't wish to help you in an honest way.

    How does the warranty work?

    Due to our stringent sourcing and QC processes, the fault rate on products shipped out by Chinavasion is very low. However, sometimes faults develop which couldn't be detected before, and we will allow you to return the product for testing and a free repair. The warranty exactly lasts for 365 days from the day you have received the product.

    In the case of delivery methods or destinations which lack a confirmed delivery tracking date, we will take the assumption that the warranty period starts 30 days after we sent out your order.

    Exceptions to Warranty

    • We do not offer warranty or support for products not bought from Chinavasion.

    • The user voids the warranty if s/he flashes the firmware of a device, opens the body in an attempt to fix, or otherwise uses the device in a way that is not considered normal usage.

    • The warranty does not extend to free repair / replacement in cases to damage to products, accidental breakage, misuse, or wear and tear. Signs of physical damage may cause us to refuse to provide free repair.

    • Accessories are not covered the same warranty that applies to the main product.
    • Projector Lamps have a special condition applied due to the fact that lifetime depends on hours of use.

    • RC Toys are not covered for your breakage and internal rechargeable batteries are covered by the general battery warranty limitation.

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